How Do I Get My UpWork Account Suspended

So you have a successful account on Upwork with top rated status,  good reviews, satisfied clients and a high JSS score. You decide you would like to get banned from Upwork. I’ll walk you through the best steps to get your Upwork account permanently suspended from the platform with no chance of returning. Please be assured if you follow these steps you will be removed from Upwork and will not be welcome to return.

Following a report of unusual site activity, we reviewed your account and have determined you are not using Upwork for permitted purposes as provided in our Terms of Service. As such, we are closing your account, effective immediately.

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How to get banned from Upwork

  • Lie about your location
  • Lie about your skill set
  • Send low quality proposals
  • Hire yourself
  • Request payment outside of Upwork
  • Verbally abuse clients or Upwork staff
  • Provide false information or documents to Upwork
  • Share your Upwork account

Upwork Location Suspension

A great way to get suspended from Upwork is to lie about your location . You could claim to have moved to another country such as the USA and use a VPN to mask your true ip address. Upwork has a database of VPN ip addresses and can see if you are using one.  They will ban you for violation their terms of service by misrepresenting your location.

Upwork Skill Set Suspension

Upwork has an abundance of freelancers in certain categories such as copyrighting and data entry. They may not accept your application even if you are well qualified in your area of expertise. Upwork already has plenty of active freelancers in your category and do not want a larger pool of freelancers.

Not a problem at all. Simply apply with an in demand skill like “Aussie Voice Acting” and then after getting accepted to Upwork you can change your profile to your real skill set and apply for those jobs. You will surely be suspended from Upwork when they notice.

Low Quality Upwork Proposals

So you applied using the correct skill set and personal information. Your account is in good standing with Upwork. Now you can propose to as many jobs as possible. Don’t even bother reading the job description just “swipe right” on every job you might be able to complete. Use a scripted generic proposal that talks about yourself and your skills. Don’t worry about the specifics of the project. This is a numbers game and you will get banned if you send enough low quality proposals. Just keep sending them until support contacts you.

Fake Jobs on Upwork

Getting that first job can be hard for a variety of reasons and then you have to provide excellent service to your client to get a 5 star review. Why not bypass all that and hire yourself or have a friend hire you with an Upwork client account. You can write your own feedback and boost up your profile with fake reviews. Upwork staff will be in contact with you to suspend your account after you complete your fake job and review.

Get Paid Outside Upwork

Upwork takes 5%, 10% or 20% of your payment and also charges the client a 3% payment processing fee. Why not take your payment offsite and use your own billing system? Not only will you be banned from Upwork but your client will as well!

Abuse Suspension

You don’t deal with clients and support staff face to face so why treat them with respect? Use racial, sexist and homophobic language and be generally disrespectful. You will be permanently suspended from the Upwork platform.

Falsify Upwork Documents

Why not use a picture of someone more attractive than you and use a fake name, location and skill set? This is the internet and no one can check this stuff anyway. Upwork will verify your identity by having you upload identification and doing video verification phone calls.

Shared Account Suspension

Share your account with friends, family and random people from other countries. That way you can complete more jobs and everyone can succeed together. Your account will be banned from the Upwork platform.

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